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I was born on July 23, 1960. From birth, my parents brought me up faithfully attending church. When I was 7 years old, I came to realize that I was a sinner and that the only way that I could go to Heaven was by asking Jesus to be my Savior. I was saved in September of 1967 and in December of 1971 I was baptized.
A highlight of my childhood and early teen years was spending a week each summer at a Christian camp. It was during the summer of 1972 that the Lord spoke to my heart and I consecrated my life to Him. From that moment on I knew without a doubt that one day I would be a missionary pastor's wife.
Prior to graduating from high school, I went on a short-term missions trip to Honduras. I later went on to graduate from Springfield Technical Community College with an Associate's Degree in Science in Medical Technology. Then, while working as a Medical Laboratory Technician, I began attending and eventually graduated from Heritage Baptist Institute, in Springfield, MA, with a Diploma in Biblical Studies. All the while I served faithfully in my local church.

In 1983, the Lord opened the door for me to serve Him full time with Child Evangelism Fellowship. I resigned my job, went on to attend the CEF Leadership Training Institute in Warrenton, MO, and later became the Local Director/Teacher Trainer in Western MA. It was during this time, in 1987, that the Lord brought Jerry and me together while we were both participating in a missions conference.
What a joy to see how the Lord had prepared me through the years to be the help-meet for Jerry. In October of that same year, we were married and immediately continued on with deputation and later attended Language School in Querétaro, México.
For more than 20 years we have been serving the Lord together as missionaries on the island of Puerto Rico. The Lord has blessed us with two wonderful sons, Nathaniel, who was born on November 21, 1989 and Benjamin, who was born on November 5, 1991. We have had the privilege of seeing both of them saved.
The Lord has given me many opportunities to serve Him, alongside my husband. I have been involved in teaching children, teen girls and women in our church, training workers in Puerto Rico and other countries, working in the camp ministry, teaching at the local Bible College, speaking at several women's conferences, and ministering in a drug rehab center for women. I have also spent the last thirteen years between homeschooling and teaching at a Christian School.

Liz's Testimony